Hike and Bike Across Maryland

Power Kids Young Adults And A Fallen Teammate

Power Kids Young Adults And A Fallen Teammate

Maryland Trek 8 will be honoring these wonderful people. Each of their stories can be found here, and will be told while we honor one person each day.

The event begins around 8 AM on Sunday August 8, from the summit of Wisp Ski Resort at 3,000 Feet above sea level.  It will end on Saturday August 14 between 1 and 3 PM with our feet in the water at Ocean City.  

The 329 miles we cover will be split by 27 miles hiking (fast) on foot, and 14 or more miles on bike each day.  Two of the days are all biking. Day 4 is 57 miles long and the final day is 49 miles. 

You will see a wide range of enduring procedures to success stories. This will carry some addition emotion as one of our teammates lost his own battle with cancer last year.  

We will be completing our journey in honor of Francis. That was the route he first joined Maryland Trek 3 in 2016.

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