Providing Free Holistic Care for Kids in and Post Cancer Treatment
Amount Raised for #MDTrek8: $38,612
$82,415 RAISED IN 2020
All Proceeds go to Just In Power Kids

Supporting Just In Power Kids 

Maryland Trek is raising money to provide holistic therapies for kids with cancer through Just In Power Kids. Our mission is to provide a full range of holistic and integrative health care options for kids and their family going through traditional cancer treatments. Our programs include kids in treatment and up to 5 years post treatment.

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Cross the entire state of Maryland from Wisp Ski Resort to Ocean City!

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My Story: Why I Trek Across Maryland

When I was 14 years old, I almost lost one of my legs. I was playing baseball, running track, growing up… and my adolescence came to screaming halt. After a few weeks of pain after track practice, my parents finally took me to the doctor, which led to a d


Trek Across Maryland: By The Numbers 14 and 41

When I first had the idea of doing a trek across Maryland it seemed crazy. But in 2014, when I turned 41, it was a reflection of the numbers when I almost lost my leg... At age 14! I was on TV in Baltimore for 14 years, we just had the...


Maryland Trek: Daily Interactive Route Maps

This 329 mile journey across Maryland is a combination of an average of 27 miles hiking plus 14 miles or more biking each day. All days are a minimum of 41 miles, two days are over 50 miles. The numbers are significant on a personal basis ...

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