Hike and Bike Across Maryland


Q: I’m joining for multiple days, where do I sleep? 

A: We have hotels picked throughout the route. This year, with the launch of the non-profit, we’re focusing all of the money raised to go towards the kids in need of treatment. To that end, teammates will need to pay for the accommodations, (with one caveat, see next question). We’re working with the hotels to get the best rates possible! We’ll do the booking for you.

Q: How much money do I need to raise?

A: That depends how long you join us. But since this is all about raising funds to benefit the kids with cancer the more the better! Our minimum fundraising requirement is $500 for a day Trekker and $2,500 if you join us for the week. For our week long Trekkers who raise at least $2,000, we will cover your hotels for you!

Q: What time do we start each day? 

A: We should be at the truck packed up & ready to go at 6:30 AM

Q: What time do we finish each day? 

A: It varies by day and what the route is. We want to make sure we finish before it starts getting dark and sitting down to dinner by 6!

Q: What does hiking entail, do I need to buy hiking boots? 

A: No, you don’t. Hiking is kept on the roads. The only time we are on any type of hiking trail is when we head down Wisp Mountain on Day 1. Hiking on the roads is kept at a pace of a 15 minute mile. This is an important goal to obtain while training! We do suggest utilizing trek poles. You will see additional information on this in the packing list.

Q: I don’t ride a bike often, will I be left behind? 

A: A lot of our teammates are not avid cyclists; this is a no-drop ride. There may be some hills where it takes longer to get up than others, we’ll regroup at the top.

Q: What does a general day look like? 

A: Breakfast is at the hotel at 6, with the truck packed up and we’re ready to roll at 6:30; Justin will shoot a quick live stream video with the team noting where we’re heading that day and how folks can contribute. Yes, Justin may ask you to say a few words about why you’ve joined up with the team! Then we’re off! We will have several support vehicles as well as our main truck and trailer for hauling belongings, food, water, and our bikes. Support Chief Larry Rogers will be driving our truck and trailer. You’ll see him at the switch from hiking to bikes, and then at our last stop of the day. The other support cars will be providing additional water & fuel stops along the route as needed. Each team member will have a direct line to our support drivers for the day in case you need to reach us directly. During our hikes, it’s important that we limit our stops as any extended lags in movement will cause ramping back up more difficult for our bodies. We will have one “long” break for lunch, but the rest will be quick stops at support vehicles for refilling water. It’s best practice to capitalize on restrooms at gas stations if the group agrees to stop off. Otherwise, it may be a while until you see an actual restroom again. The stop for switching over to bikes is a bit of an art form that we perfect as the week goes on. Larry will begin setting up bikes as hikers are still on the route. When you arrive at the truck it’s time to slip in to your cycling gear (take turns in the trailer to change), put your body glide on, change your socks and shoes, refill your water, and hit the road again. We’ll be reminding you to stretch during these breaks and changeovers as well. The bike is a great opportunity to stretch out your legs after a long day of hiking. Once you’ve finished the bike portion we’ll pack back up and head to the hotel for a quick shower and then on to dinner! Although we have a blast catching up and rehashing the day as a team at the end of the day, getting a proper night sleep is key to your success the following day.

Q: Can I listen to music during the trek?

A: Since we’re on the road it is important to be fully aware of surroundings, our teammates, and vehicles. We ask that earbuds remain in your bags during the day. Plus, a big perk to this event is getting to know your teammates and having a good laugh together!

Q: How will my friends and family know where we are each day? 

A: They can follow where we are LIVE on the Maryland trek website. There is a live tracker that shows our location. If they’d like to cheer us on in person, just let us know and we’ll be able to tell you where the best locations to do that will be! Our Day 4 stop in Sykesville is always a great opportunity to reunite with loved ones.

Q: What if I forget to bring something with me? 

A: You are our #1 priority this week, we’ll get it for you!

Q: I’m going to be there for multiple days, is there a chance to do laundry along the way? 

A: Some of our hotels do have washers and dryers, so you will have a chance to do a load or two.

Q: Wait a second, how are we getting across the bay to Kent Island on Day 5?

A: One of sponsors, Annapolis Boat Sales, is providing transportation by boat across the bay. We will be setting up a few bikes on trainers so that we’re still pedaling all the way. There is a limit to how many team members can join on the boat, the rest will need to go with our support vehicles across the bridge and meet up on the other side.

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