Hike and Bike Across Maryland

Maryland Trek: Daily Interactive Route Maps

Maryland Trek: Daily Interactive Route Maps

This 329 mile journey across Maryland is a combination of an average of 27 miles hiking plus 14 miles or more biking each day. All days are a minimum of 41 miles, two days are over 50 miles. The numbers are significant on a personal basis and the breakdown will allow my team to cross the state in 7 days with an average of 8 to 10 hours on the road each day.  This is all for Just In Power Kids. Our goal is to develop a network of holistic integrated wellness practitioners AND pay for kids in cancer treatment to get this additional therapy.

Please see more about “why I am trekking across Maryland” (will post shortly) for the purpose, daily kid dedications, and the middle day in memory of my friend Shawn Madden who died two weeks before my first trek.  Below are the maps for each day of the route. We hope to have interactive maps here along with live tracking as well.

If you come out to meet my team along the way, we’d love to get a photo with you. Then post it online using the hashtag #mdtrek6

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Daily Interactive Maps

Click on each map to see the elevation and zoom in to specific roads of our route

Day 1: Wisp to Cumberland 

Begins at the summit of Wisp, the only ski resort and one of the highest points in Maryland. The first 27 miles will be on foot/hiking. Then transfer to bike for last 14+ miles.

  • 41.4 mi Distance
  • Max Grade = 21%



Day 2: Cumberland to Hancock 

First 27 miles by foot, then transfer to bike. The hardest part is mile 32-34 using National Pike to cross Sidling Hill. Ending near bike shot and western MD rail trail in Hancock.

  • 42.1 mi Distance
  • Max Grade = 18%



Day 3: First Long Day over 50 miles 

Start with 10 mile bike on Western MD Rail Trail. This will allow us to stay in MD (no other roads do at this point). Meet up in Big Pool to transfer to hike for 27 miles. Back to bike in Boonsboro and finish in Frederick.

  • 53.0 mi Distance
  • Max Grade = 19%



Day 4: Memorial Ride  

Originally dedicated to my friend and fitness pro Shawn Madden who died sudden on Aug 1 2014, two weeks before the first trek, and he was supposed to be part of it.  Now we dedicate a memorial in Sykesville for all whom we lost. This route is cycling only (a rest for our feet) goes through Eldersburg to his Gold’s Gym. Then we head to Sykesville (the halfway point of the trek) for a street party. Afterwards we cross through Ellicott City and end the day in Elkridge

  • 58 mi Distance
  • Max Grade = 14%



Day 5 Part 1: Elkridge to Annapolis City Docks 

This is the hike portion of the day, mostly along Ritchie Highway in Anne Arundel Co, ending at the Annapolis Docks where we meet up with a boat to 'bike' across the Chesapeake Bay

  • 22 mi Distance
  • Max Grade = 9%


Day 5 Part 2: Crossing The Chesapeake  

Start with bikes on boats at Annapolis City Docks. This allows us to keep on trek to cross the Chesapeake Bay. We dock at Hemmingways, then continue to end day at Queenstown.

  • 19 mi Distance
  • Max Grade = 9%



Day 6- Eastern Shore 

Crossing Maryland's Eastern Shore. Cut southeast (left but right on map view) off of Rt 50 by the airport in Easton. Then finish at The Sharptown Fireman's Carnival

  • 47 mi Distance
  • Max Grade = 4%


Day 7: Finish in Ocean City 

Final Day- Ending at the water by the Inlet in Ocean City.

Most of this day is along Rt 50. We often ride the fastest of the week and have extra time to rest with Slurpies at the 7/11 in Salisbury.

We stop at Starbucks in West Ocean City to put out bikes on the truck and walk the last 3 miles.  We finish when our feet touch the water at the Inlet Beach.

  • 49 mi Distance
  • Max Grade = 2%



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