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Maryland Trek 8 Day 5 for Scarlett

Maryland Trek 8 Day 5 for Scarlett

Date: Thursday August 12 2021

Power Kid:  Scarlett

Age: 16 months old


Route: BWI to Annapolis and the boat across the Bay and bike to Grasonville

Interactive Map

This day will include a visit with Governor Hogan, then a ride across the Bay from Annapolis Boat Sales and our friend Walter George. We will bike 14 miles across Kent Island to Grasonville.

Weather: Weather for Annapolis from justinweather.com

Scarlett’s Story

Scarlett is a 16-month-old who loves to run around after mastering walking. She likes to be outside and around all things water-related. She likes any toy that her older sister is currently playing with. She absolutely hates diaper changes and getting dressed. 

She has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, and finished her treatment in December of 2020 and got to ring her end of chemo bell in January. Her pediatrician noticed something was off at her regular well child 2 month check up and by her 4 month check up tests were started only to receive the dreaded diagnosis of cancer.  Scarlett currently has scans every 6 months, and tests every 3 to monitor her remaining tumors and lesions to make sure no growth and they continue to shrink. As of her June scans her main mass is continuing to shrink and no sign of new growth which is a cause for celebration! You can follow her journey through

 Smiles for Scarlett on Facebook. 

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