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Maryland Trek 10 Day 1 for Tyler

Maryland Trek 10 Day 1 for Tyler

Age: 18

Brain Cancer (terminal) 

Route: Summit of Wisp to Cumberland

Total Miles = 41: 27 on foot, 14 on bike

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Tyler was a normal 17 year old in his senior year in high school and never had any health issues, December 2nd 2022 Tyler had a series of seizures that put him in the hospital for a week. He was originally diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder ADEM but was going to get a brain biopsy in march if he had any changes in MRI. He ended up back in the hospital with seizures February 28th and march 10th he was officially diagnosed with diffuse Infiltrative Glioma WHO grade 3. 

March 28th he started radiation and chemotherapy to give us more time. He finished radiation may 4th and got a 4 week break from chemo. every 23 days he will do 5 days of chemo for a year and the hope is they come out with a clinical trial to make his incurable cancer curable.  All through this Tyler has shown so much strength and has been so encouraging to others.  he made prom king, distinguished honor roll, and graduated high school we also find out his treatments are working and are shrinking his tumors. 

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