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I am a former mathematics teacher with a MBA, a certified health coach and personal trainer, a 4 time Maryland Trekker, a mother of 2, and I run a virtual health coaching practice.

I truly believe my purpose in life is to inspire, educate and empower others to live a healthy lifestyle.

With over 20 years of experience in health and fitness, I have become a firm believer that when we first take care of our health, we are able to show up our best selves for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.

Not only do I coach clients to lead a healthy lifestyle, I also assist people with a heart to serve in starting and scaling their own health coaching businesses.

When we partner together, I meet you where you are and learn where you want to go. I set the course, and you set the pace.

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Coach Kenny

My name is Kenneth Clemons and I served in the Marine Corps for 7 years. I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years. Five of those years were helping other Marines pass the physical fitness test. After my tour of duty, I worked several jobs to make a living, but I was not happy. I was not doing what I love and that was serving others. 

I have always consistently have gone to the gym in morning. One day the owner asked if I wanted a job as personal trainer. I now have found my passion and purpose in life while serving others. Being a health coach has given me the vessel to serve others far beyond my typical gym family. I can aid others in their health journey all while protecting my own mind, body, and spirit. Health coaching is the way of the future for all health professionals Being a coach has met all my client’s needs when they are open to it.

When you partner with me. You will get the discipline, the knowledge, and resources you will need to overcome your challenges. Lets go its game time OOHRAH!!!!!!!!!

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Coach Crystal

Certified health coach
Personal trainer 17 years
Teacher of environmental science, wilderness survival, biology and comparative anatomy and physiology 18 years
Working on my yoga certificate as well as a social and emotional awareness certificate

My goal is to help people feel physically and mentally stronger then they ever have. To have lifestyle changes be the primary way to treat disease instead of pharmaceuticals.

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Coach Sharon

I currently am still employed full-time and recently started health coaching in 2021 to help others and as a way to hold myself accountable in maintaining my personal goals.

As part of the MD Trek team my main objective is SUPPORT. In partnering with me we will journey down the road of healthy lifestyle together and I will provide positive support along the way. I will be your cheerleader!

I look forward to chatting with you about your health goals so let's connect.  Remember it's never to late for a fresh start. Mindset is key, so let's do this, we are better together!

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Coach Justin

I am still a meteorologist, but got into Health Coaching because of my teammates.  After getting both Lyme Disease AND Covid last in the Fall of 2021, I needed to do something. The program Coach Jacki had me do absolutely cleared out my system of toxins and inflammation.  I had such amazing success losing 20+ pounds, I wanted to share this with others. I have coached family, friends, and a handful of others.

I live a lifestyle of healthy eating and fitness. but it is at an all new level now.  Yes, I have completed 9 Maryland Treks, but it has become easier with a healthier body and food choices. 

I would love to share what worked for me and help you reach your goals. 

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