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Hello friends and family and guests of my homepage!

My name is Cara, and I am a full-time paralegal, and work part-time at a HIIT studio, Peak Performance, by day, and a travel/fitness/dog fanatic by trade.

I was asked by a current and former trekker, Jacki Dalsimer, to join her this year on this AMAZING event! Because I am busy in the legal field, I chose to try the last two days of this trek, from Kent Island to the Ocean, hiking and biking all the way! I may out push-up you, or hold crazy yoga poses, but I have never completed more than a 5K race, so this WILL be my most physically demanding challenge yet! I AM NOT SCURRED, but I will need all the cheering and support you got!

I have personally witnesses the devastation and challenges caused by cancer in young children, and I can tell you one thing- the resilience of a CHILD is bar none, the most motivation I can have in this challenge, or anything in my day. I am humbled when I see the hope, love, and strength in these children- and this organization is amazing in finding holistic and additional treatments to these children to help them heal or cope with their illnesses. Cancer doesn't end once it's in remission- the effects are a lifetime. I am a firm believer in natural and supplemental ways to treat and cope, along with medical treatments. If this is something you are passionate about, or even curious, I ask to join me, donate, or volunteer! Thanks Jacki for this opportunity, and letting me curse at you the entire way when we run/hike/bike til I wanna puke <3 #SOWORTHIT

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